About Us

HNB Resources is a multi-faceted sourcing and production agency. We are available to provide complete support and solutions for all your design, sourcing and manufacturing needs.

Our team is comprised of experienced individuals in all areas of the fashion industry. Collectively, we have years of sourcing, design, product development and manufacturing experience to pull from. We can truly offer you a complete package to help get your product off the ground or to streamline your process. We are happy to work with you in whatever capacity you need and are dedicated to growing with your company.

We are one of the few companies in the apparel industry that offer world-class manufacturing, quality control and delivery to both the couture designer and the large apparel brands. We specialize in working with small businesses as well as large corporate, providing creative design and development from concept to production.

We have created exquisite pieces of embroidery for some of the biggest fashion houses in the world. Of course with strict adherence to commitment, time and quality.

HNB Resources, as a company believes in its people, valuing them as its greatest strength, justifiably employing over 1500 odd workers in all of its factories across Mumbai. It ensures that no child labor is employed in the workshops as per the directions of International Treaties Concerning Human Rights.

All employees have been trained to deliver to exact standards, matching their International Clientele. The company has a reputation of being reliable partners for embroideries and stitched garments for Major European and US fashion houses.

HNB Resources’s in house design studio team comprises of artists, designers specialized in creating , drafting & designing swatches for finished garments and all this for Couture and ready to wear collections for clients worldwide. The Company meets the best quality standards in the area of finished and stitched garments adhering to the finest International standards all over the world.

HNB Resources Designs range from very basic to contemporary, using assortments of embroidery techniques and various surface ornamentations/concepts. They include modern, linear, abstract &geometric dimensions. The embroidery line covers Lace, Gowns, Dresses, and Bridal wear. Our technical design team comprises of artists who have complete expertise in pattern making and Haute Design. We create designs that are classic, chic and excel in fine hand embroidery.

Our design archives boast of an extensive library and database, reference books in vintage and modern, and not to mention our swatch bank that carries thousands of designs. These swatches are developed at the beginning of every new season, as a collection of designs, for the client to work with. Hundreds of swatches are put into production by the in house design team following the trends of the season.